Drive a Long, Beautiful Road to Warm Seasons in ‘Summer Catchers’

From beautiful sand-scapes to a glimmering vision of a tall stag, Summer Catchers is ready to amaze you with its vibrant colors.

While stunning, these roads will also be wrought with dangers and bosses to triumph over on your quest to see summer.

Dreaming of a long road trip where you can enjoy a fresh breeze of crisp winter air, but you’re too broke for gas? Summer Catchers will take you on a beautiful tour through its striking world and make you wish you could take a destination vacation that way. You’ll be shown pixel art pushed to the limits in this game. It may be tricky to appreciate all this detail, though, as you zip through forests and deserts on your wooden car. It will be your best friend through thick and thin, flimsy as it is.

Your goal is to see summer. The protagonist, Chu, has lived in a cold climate all her life and dreams of witnessing lush greenery and sunny beaches. It apparently requires a lot of distance traveled. So, your car is your number one priority when it comes to upgrades. You’ll be able to enhance and customize it as you go through your journey, installing a propeller to get some major height on your jumps or a booster to escape some tornadoes. It’s not going to be easy to reach the season you seek.

That isn’t to say your journey isn’t without some sight-seeing. You’ll be able to stop in towns and chat up some friendly (or perhaps evil) folk. And you won’t want to miss a single thing in this intricate and heart-warming adventure.

Summer Catchers is available now on Steam.

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