‘see/saw’ Needs You to Grab Coins, Even With Your Dead Body

Some action platformers have you trying to stay alive until the end. Then we have see/saw, where all that matters is staying alive long enough to collect that last coin.

see/saw is a manimalisitic action platformer filled with colorful visuals and useful corpses. Moving very quickly through each level, you need to build up speed to make jumps, move up rounded walls, and collect the coins your character so very much needs. Coins can be collected as long as you are a body, meaning your character sometimes needs to sacrifice themselves just to grab that last coin.

Once all of the coins are collected, you can move onto the next level. These seemed to be grouped in fours on the level select menu, getting more challenging as they get higher in number. Completing the level very quickly will give you a head start afterwards, encouraging speed runs if you are up for the challenge.

There are small additions within the levels – spiked balls moving around, jump pads that will push toss you through the level, and massive jumps that sometimes need to be made. I was able to check out see/saw briefly at the Google Play Indie Games Showcase, where I found it quite challenging to play – but that’s the draw to these types of games. It’s the feeling of one more go and hoping to just make that jump this time. There are 150 levels to challenge you within this game, so expect a lot of ‘one more goes’ throughout your time with it.

see/saw is available now on The App Store and Google Play.

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