Review: Gato Roboto

Don’t tell cats, but they’re a mere few steps away from ruling the world. Sure, they may look cute, but they run the internet, an estimated 36 million American households own at least one, and your aunt owns 12. Heck, it’s possible there’s one in your home right now, lurking behind you, probing for weaknesses. All they need to overthrow human dominance is, say, a high-tech, military-grade mech suit armed with a variety of weapons. The unholy union of feline and robot will surely be our doom.

Gato Roboto is a game that depicts just such a nightmare scenario. Okay, not really, but it does include both an adorable cat and a mighty robot suit. Developed by Doinksoft, Gato Roboto is a game that wears its Metroid influence on its sleeve. It’s a Mewtroid. A Meowtroid. A Metroidvanya~. The monochrome pixelart may seem distinct on the surface, but all the environments carry more than a whiff of Metroid with its mix of gooey organic surfaces and sterile metal interiors. Slow and atmospheric music sparsely moans in the background as you explore the interconnected world, looking for power-ups. The only real addition to its identity comes from its feline protagonist, Kiki.

So I hope you really like cats and Metroid, because that’s what we’re looking at here.

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