Review: Pathologic 2

I can hear the earth speak. It cries out with a low rumble, begging for blood to anyone who knows how to listen.

I have seen Death. Or at least one of its faces. I have naively pushed back against its advances like only a human can. Death is hungry, just like the earth.

I have made mistakes. I have damned those I once called friends. I have uncovered secrets and glimpsed knowledge and found that there is a line between folk legend and hard science that can unify people or tear them apart.

I have survived, and I have died, all in twelve days. In Pathologic 2, contradictions don’t just exist; they flourish. Like a half-remembered nightmare, Pathologic 2‘s eerie atmosphere and surrealist tilt work to keep you in the dark. But when it’s all said and done, the details that linger are always the most unnerving.

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